PrioritEyes Rehabilitation Team

Michelle, Vision Rehabilitation Worker

Hi, I’m Michelle and I have worked in the sight-loss sector since 1986, starting out as a Technical Officer in Brent. I gained the Certificate in Rehabilitation Studies in 1991, and worked as a Senior in Wandsworth and a Team Manager in Croydon for many years. In 2014 I joined PrioritEyes as a locum rehab worker, and worked on a special project in Newham, providing intensive rehab input for a dual-sensory impaired individual with complex additional support needs.

I am now back in Brent, providing locum services across the full sensory impairment spectrum. I have always been passionate about working with sight loss and dual sensory impairment, and feel that I am the happiest I have ever been in my working life, having the freedom to work with PrioritEyes and use my skills and experience where they are most needed.

JOhn, Support Worker

Hi I’m John and I am Michelle’s support worker.

My duties include note taking, data entry, route-planning for home visits, researching information and general office duties such as photocopying and filing.

It is a role which is varied and carries a lot of responsibility, and I find this very rewarding. I was thrilled to be one of the team representing PrioritEyes at the Vision Pioneer Awards in London, when the company was a finalist in the “Best Team 2016” category.

Maureen, Vision Rehabilitation Worker

Hi I’m Maureen and I qualified as a Rehabilitation Worker in 2011 at Birmingham City University. After qualifying I worked for 3 and a half years as an Outreach Support Worker for a charity, supporting disabled people and social workers through the process of applying for and managing Direct Payments and negotiating the eligibility criteria for the NHS budget.

I joined the PrioritEyes team in July 2015 and spent a year providing locum rehab services in the Islington Sensory Team, which involved working with the low vision clinic team at RNIB Judd Street. In the summer of 2016 I transferred to Bracknell, where I liaised with ECLOs and worked closely with OT in the community, carrying out sensory assessments and supporting vision-impaired people to maintain their independence. In addition to my work in Bracknell I supported international students with sight loss at UCL university, including O&M around the different campus locations and advising tutors about how best to promote independence for students living with sight loss.
I’m really enjoying working for PrioritEyes, as they take supporting vision impaired people seriously. It was important to me as a vision-impaired person that I was able to bring my support worker with me when I joined PrioritEyes. In July 2017 I transferred to Slough and am currently the Locum Rehab in their sensory team.

Folu, Support Worker

Hello, my name is Folu and I joined PrioritEyes as a Support Worker in September 2016. I have over 10 years’ previous experience as an administrator/PA and in these roles I have worked in a Mental Health Team, in Children Services and at University College London.

My current job as a support worker includes working in an office environment, travelling to service-users’ houses and supporting the rehab worker by note-taking at visits, on training courses and at meetings. It is a role that I find fulfilling, as I am supporting and assisting someone who is a skilled specialist in their field, so I enable her to fully carry out her job duties effectively and efficiently, often under pressure. I enjoy my job as a support worker with PrioritEyes so much that I am thinking of training as a Vision Rehabilitation Worker in the near future.

Simone, Vision Rehabilitation Worker

Hello, my name is Simone and I work for PrioritEyes Ltd as a locum Vision Rehabilitation Worker, currently providing vision rehabilitation services in the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Richmond.

I have over ten years’ practice experience as a qualified rehabilitation worker with blind, partially sighted, deafblind and hearing-impaired people, and over four years’ experience of managing sensory teams. I am PGCE qualified and recently worked at RNIB as Manager of the Early Intervention Team. I consider myself to be a dedicated, enthusiastic individual who is passionate about and committed to improving opportunities for marginalised individuals who are sensory impaired. In 2016 I completed the RWPN training to become a mentor to other rehab workers.

Amanda, Support Worker

Hello, I’m Amanda.  My admin experience was gained in the corporate and community sectors before shifting focus to study nursing. Working for PrioritEyes allows me to use my admin skills to support a Vision rehab Worker to enable vision-impaired service-users to attain and maintain their independence. The job presents many challenges, but there is satisfaction in being part of making a difference.

In my spare time I volunteer as a Paralympic Legacy Agent, working in teams to introduce, inspire and motivate children and adults with disabilities to get active with sports.

Philip, Vision Rehabilitation Worker

I’m Philip and I have worked in the Sensory Field since 1992, initially as an audiologist and then as a qualified Vision Rehabilitation Worker from 2006 onwards. My specialism and passion is for Mobility & Orientation, specifically long cane training. I am a member of the Rehabilitation Worker Professional Network (RWPN)

I began working as a locum with PrioritEyes in 2012 and am currently based in Cheshire. I am impressed by the level of support provided by Norma and her team. It is a rewarding experience to be part of the PrioritEyes Team and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to other colleagues and professionals.

Molemisi, Vision Rehabilitation Worker

My name is Molemisi Kono, I have over 10 years’ experience as a Vision Rehabilitation Officer (VRW). In that decade l worked as a VRW in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. In 2017 l graduated as a Habilitation Specialist, Habilitation and Disabilities of Sight (Children and Young People), awarded by the Institute of Education at UCL. I am passionate about empowering those with sight loss, and find the work fulfilling and enjoyable.

Bill, Vision Rehabilitation Worker

Hi, I’m Bill and I qualified in 1992. My first job as a Rehabilitation Worker was in Lincolnshire, where I developed joint working arrangements with local agencies, blind societies, the local authority social services departments and local Hospitals.
In 2003 I started working for RNIB, assessing and providing rehabilitation support to individual service users including mobility, daily living, communication and other appropriate skills at the Employment and Learning Centre.
I then worked in Glasgow as RNIB Rehabilitation/Training Consultant to the Visual Impairment & Learning Disability Services. In 2017 I joined PrioritEyes and I am currently working as a full time locum with Falkirk Sensory services in Scotland.



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