The Pathfinder Project

Pathfinder is a partnership initiative providing practical support to enable people with sensory, physical and cognitive impairments to travel independently. The project has proved successful with pupils and students travelling to and from their place of study. Pathfinder has enabled adult participants to access local amenities and pursue employment opportunities.

Pathfinder offers long term financial savings and is designed to promote sustainable partnership working. We specialise in delivering projects tailored to fulfil the “Spend to Save” initiative and feedback from Commissioning Managers has been positive.

Prioriteyes Support

Following referral and assessment, individual training programmes are designed to meet each participant’s needs. Pathfinder training covers a variety of topics, including:-

  • One to one road safety.
  • Identifying safe crossing points.
  • Route planning.
  • Time management.
  • Personal and travel safety.

Participants work closely with their allocated travel trainer on each stage of the route. To build confidence, initial training takes place outside peak travel times. When participants feel ready, the travel trainer observes their progress from a safe distance, while able to prompt when necessary.

All skills learned on Pathfinder are transferable to wider aspects of participants’ lives. Increased independence, choice and empowerment of disabled people will enable them to take a more integrated role in society.

Additional benefits of enabling disabled people to travel independently by using pedestrian and public transport routes include:-

  • Reduced pollution and congestion
  • Improved health & wellbeing
  • Fitter, more active citizens.

Feedback from participants and their circles of support has shown that overall confidence levels are increased, resulting in individuals able to contribute to and benefit from wider community involvement.

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