About Prioriteyes Ltd

We are the UK’s main independent front-line service provider in the field of sight loss, and sole provider of  the Pathfinder Project, our travel training programme.


We employ a team of highly committed and enthusiastic Vision Rehabilitation Workers and other professionals. We deliver to Social Services and Education Departments, to Voluntary Organisations, Universities and to privately funded individuals including those managing Personal Budgets.

Each contract is designed to meet the needs of our many customers’ different requirements. The team that makes us unique is culturally and professionally diverse, resulting in a flexible workforce rich in knowledge and experience.

PrioritEyes can respond quickly to fill gaps in service provision. Our Locum staff are cost-effective and can hit the ground running. Think Smart: Think PrioritEyes!

To date we have been contracted to undertake a wide variety of training, assessments and services including:

  • Rehabilitation including Mobility and Independent Living skills
  • Assessments for and training in the use of Low Vision Aids
  • Independent Travel Training
  • The Pathfinder Project
  • Specialist IT Assessments for vision impaired people
  • Dual Sensory Assessments
  • Consultancy on Accessibility of Information
  • Vision Impairment Awareness Training
  • Professional Supervision and Project Management
Prioriteyes Support 3

We are committed to raising awareness and improving standards: we are actively involved in the Rehabilitation Workers’ Professional Network (RWPN), the London Vision Impairment Forum (LVIF) and the London Rehabilitation Workers’ Forum (LRWF). PrioritEyes is also represented on the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Employer Steering Group, helping to shape the future of the profession.

We support the initiatives of  Vision UK, the new collaborative organisation formed with the UK Vision Strategy, VISION 2020 UK and the England Vision Strategy teams, to increase partnership working across the eye health and sight loss sectors and beyond.

Looking to the future, PrioritEyes supports The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety, a Charity which has developed a confidence-boosting course for people with low vision which we believe will form an integral part of mobility training.

Why not browse our Feedback pages, which contain a selection of references, testimonials and comments from our customers and staff? There is also a section where you can add your comments

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