Service User Feedback

“Thanks very much for taking me through the mobility training. I have found this very beneficial and it has boosted my confidence enormously with regard to using the cane and being more secure in unfamiliar places. I have been much more adventurous, particularly when using public transport, as a result”

Tim, LB Camden

 “I was nervous at first, especially using the train. Now I can go to College and back on my own, I’m very pleased! The Rehab worker has done a wonderful job. He keeps me very involved in the training, and showed me how and where to get help and information if needed”

Karen, LB Tower Hamlets

“The most useful part of the training was using a long cane outdoors, it was the first time, I’d never used one before. Everything is well explained, which increased my confidence. It’s so good to have rehab support, I can now travel to my voluntary work on my own”

Bola, LB Greenwich

“Your Rehab Officer showed me how to use my long cane properly. I am more confident with it now. Sometimes I find getting around is not easy, he is very patient”

John, LB Southwark

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity given to me to feel useful again and be able to regain self-confidence. The training has enabled me to regain my self-confidence and humanity. I cannot thank you enough for how it has changed things for me”

Joseph, Essex

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