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In addition to our Rehabilitation Staff, to meet the needs of our expanding customer list we also have hearing impairment and dual sensory workers available for both long and short-term contracts, and for spot purchasing.

We also employ Support Workers, who enable our team members with sensory loss to deliver contracts. Historically, Support Workers (sometimes called Personal Assistants or PAs) were self-employed and claimed their wages directly from the DWP Access to Work programme. In practice, this was often a cumbersome and lengthy process, with Support Workers waiting months for their money to come through.

This was, understandably, a big disincentive, and made recruitment and retention of reliable, skilled support staff very difficult. Having identified the issues, PrioritEyes came up with a solution to support our current and future staff with sensory loss: we employ their Support Workers, give them proper contracts and status, and the stability of a regular weekly wage.

This provides continuity for the Rehab Worker, removing the stress of repeatedly recruiting and training new support workers. PrioritEyes “takes the hit” by paying our Support Workers promptly and waiting sometimes quite lengthy periods to be re-imbursed by DWP, but we feel it is worth it to remove stress and anxiety from our highly-valued workforce.

We are registered as an Approved Provider with several Procurement Agencies across the UK, and also work directly with customers to provide high quality services at competitive rates.

Our in-house Senior Practitioner can provide professional supervision to employees of third parties eg where Local Authority Sensory teams are managed by someone without a background in Vision Rehabilitation.

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